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Described as the modern-day Esther and Jerry Hicks or the next generation's Bashar

Rae & Jake, your guides on this journey, are a dynamic duo with a staggering 4 billion social media views. They journeyed from viral entertainment to profound spiritual exploration, channelling higher wisdom and inspiring a global awakening.

Behind their online personas as a country artist and couple's comedy influencers, Rae & Jake embarked on an intellectual and spiritual odyssey, diving into the realms of both the mainstream and esoteric. Their quest for understanding transcended mere academic curiosity, evolving into a profound exploration of spiritual self-discovery.

"You cannot be inferior to Source when Source is who you are."  ~Aurixom

When you join this exploration, you're not just delving into the conventional idea of personal development; you're unlocking doors to new dimensions of consciousness within yourself.

Imagine a newfound clarity in your thoughts, a deeper understanding of your existence, and a roadmap for transformative life changes.

Rae & Jake's shift from entertainment to enlightenment didn't occur overnight but was the culmination of years of exploration into the depths of human consciousness but you need not spend the same amount of time...

Through their work, you gain access to years of study distilled into easily accessible and entertaining formats, ripe for implementation in your own life. Peel back the layers of limitations you've constructed about yourself, and discover the truth beneath.

Their approach is multifaceted, blending easily digestible social media content with deeper, immersive video experiences designed to guide you through the complexities of multidimensional awareness and personal growth.

This content is not merely informational but transformational, intended to provoke reflection, inspire change, and foster a sense of community among seekers.

Uncover subconscious beliefs, dismantle limiting systems, and forge a path towards a life suffused with freedom, joy, and abundance. This is not just an accumulation of knowledge but a transformative process that can reshape the perception of your reality, leading you to answers about the very fabric of existence and your place within it.

Join Ascend with Rae & Jake and instantly get access to hours of channelled videos, guidance and meditations that are sure to spark a divine remembering within you that will transform your very existence.

Described as the modern-day Esther and Jerry Hicks or the next generation's Bashar, Rae & Jake offer a relatable and accessible entry point into the world of spiritual awakening, making the profound and often perplexing journey towards higher consciousness a shared and supported experience.

Rae's channelling of Aurixom, a 7th-dimensional collective consciousness, isn't just about distant beings and esoteric teachings—it's about you!

Through this extraordinary connection, you're offered a direct line to the wisdom of higher-dimensional entities, unlocking insights that transcend the limits of ordinary understanding.

Imagine being personally guided by this cosmic intelligence, as it unveils the secrets of existence and illuminates the path to your enlightenment.

"Ascend With Rae & Jake" is not just a digital platform...

It's a portal to your own expansion of higher consciousness, inviting you to embark on a journey of discovery, growth, and collective ascension.

Here you will find the encouragement to explore beyond your physical existence and reconnect with the infinite source from which we all originate.

We're happy you're here!

We're happy you're here!

Whether you are brand new to ascension or an experienced seeker we have content ready to meet you where you're at on your journey