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What's this ascension stuff all about?

The Law of Attraction peaked your interest, but is there more to it than just positive thinking? 

How do you actually raise your vibration?

Whether you're familiar with channeling or a first-time cosmic voyager,

we're here to provide you with answers that lead to prosperity, healing, happiness, and enlightenment. 

Discover the science of human potential, forge connections beyond boundaries,

and convene with higher dimensional wisdom.

Allow us to illuminate your journey down the rabbit hole.

Your destination... an empowered and enlightened you



Guided Meditations

Guided Meditations

Benefits of Joining Ascend with Rae & Jake

Exclusive Content
Exclusive Content

New exclusive video content weekly that you can't see, hear or find anywhere else!

Live with Rae & Jake and Aurixom
Live with Rae & Jake and Aurixom

Exclusive members-only LIVE interaction. In-depth intuitive teachings, channeled from Aurixom plus audience Q&A every month.

Guided Learning
Guided Learning

Exclusive offerings, recommended readings and thought-provoking conversations that will provide the answers you've been seeking.

Life Changing Results
Life Changing Results

You don't have to spend hours meditating in the mountains to access divine guidance and abundance.

We will show you how!

Thriving Community Engagement
Thriving Community Engagement

Share experiences, gain support, and expand your horizons through the power of connection with like-minded souls.


In joining our community you will receive 10% off purchases through our store, workshops and in-person events!

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Explore our extensive collection of videos, meticulously curated to cater to your diverse needs. Our videos are a treasure trove of universal wisdom, offering practical insights to enhance your everyday life.

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Are You Ready For The Answers You've Been Looking For?

Jocelyn Tatum
Taylor Nick
Martha Reynolds

These messages are incredibly healing! They are not in contradiction with any religion but instead are inclusive, give a higher purpose and lovingly point to a power within. Rae and Jake have an ability to make seemingly esoteric messages very accessible and I am very appreciative of the work they are doing!

Jocelyn Tatum

This is what humanity needs to hear!

This work is beautiful. It challenges something within me and I can't get enough of their wisdom

Taylor Nick

This is a safe space to nuture my spiritual awakening with wisdom and guidance from the Source that Rae channels and Jake communicates. This miraculous gift is here to help everybody, no matter where you are in your journey. I am so grateful to Rae & Jake for sharing this with the world!

Martha Reynolds

"You Cannot Be Inferior To Source

When Source Is Who You Are!"


Frequently Asking Questions

Who are the guides?

The guides are our extra-dimensional cosmic family here to share their wisdom through the journey of awakening to our true nature, our relationship with source and our connection to consciousness and the cosmos.

What will I learn from the guides?

With the help of their infinite wisdom, you will learn to raise your vibrational frequency, remember your own divinity, consciously create your own reality, and prepare your mind/body/spirit for ascension.

In addition, with our assistance, you will be exploring the connections between philosophy, quantum physics, psychology, biology, religion, modern culture, and ancient spiritual traditions to better understand yourself and the world you live in.

Your journey is unique, enabling the vast library of information within to meet you where you are on your path of discovery.

How did you connect with the guides??

In April of 2023, Rae began channeling Aurixom, a 7th dimensional light being collective consciousness, forever changing our lives. Over the course of the following months, we connected with many other guides and continue to meet new guides on a regular basis. The profound wisdom shared by Aurixom and the other guides inspired us to create Ascend with Rae & Jake, a Community where we share their life altering wisdom in a safe space exploring transformative ideas about life and the universe we live in.

To hear how Rae & Jake began channeling in their own words check out the video in the Featured Video Category titled "How We Started Channeling Aurixom"

What is included in a subscription plan?

With your subscription you get access to EXCLUSIVE content that you can't see anywhere else, Live Q&A's with Rae & Jake and Aurixom, Behind the Scenes candid content from Rae & Jake and their many guides, connection to a loving and supportive community of like minded individuals and hundreds of hours of extras from the Ascend With Rae & Jake podcast and more!

When are the Live Sessions held?

Live Sessions are approximately 45-90 minutes long and are held, typically, on the third Wednesday of each month. 

How do I submit my questions for Aurixom?

Once you join Ascend With Rae & Jake you will have access to our exclusive Ascend Community. On the Community page you will find a channel designated specifically for submitting questions for Rae, Jake, Aurixom or any of the other guides.

Can I use my mobile phone?

Yes! For now you can enjoy the Ascend With Rae & Jake website from your phone or desktop. We also have an Ascend With Rae & Jake app in development that, once launched, will make browsing from your phone even easier!